Selected Writing

Florence: A Gluten-Free MeccaThe Florentine, Feb 15, 2017 (Editorial)

The Kitsune, Duende Literary, Feb 1, 2017 (Fiction)

Exploring Italy's Giardino Di BoboliGarden Collage, Nov 3, 2016 (Editorial)

Arizona's Botanical Garden Is Showing A New Side of the SonoranGarden Collage, Aug 11, 2016 (Editorial)

Aicha: The Hypothetical Story of a Syria Child Refugee, HuffPost, May 1, 2016 (Illustrated essay)

Delmar DivideHEArt (Human Equity Through Art) Journal, Jan 24, 2016 (Photoessay)

Forget Pizza: In Florence, Tripe is TopsNational Geographic, Nov 17, 2015 (Editorial)

Who Are U.S. Catholics? Numbers Show a Surprising ShiftNational Geographic, Sept 17, 2015 (Editorial)

Want to Cook Sustainably? Go SolarNational Geographic, Aug 4, 2015 (Editorial)

Syrian Refugees Find Comfort, Humanity in the Ritual of CookingNational Geographic, Jul 8, 2015 (Editorial)

Coffee Culture is Catching On in Tea-Steeped ChinaNational Geographic, Jul 14, 2015 (Editorial)

Russians Sniff Out Real Cheese as Imported Dairy Ban LingersNational Geographic, Jul 9, 2015 (Editorial)

Defining International Literary Journalism: Case Studies from South Africa, the U.S. and China, Inquiries Journal, Apr 27, 2015 (Academic)

Speak Up: The Role of Art in ProtestWashington University International Review, Apr 27, 2015 (Academic)
(I participated as member of speaking panel at the "WUIR 2015 Conference: Protest.")

When a City Feels Like Home: Building Happier Cities, Issues Magazine, Apr 21, 2015 (Editorial)

By the Book: Erin McKenna's Carrot Bread, Sauce Magazine, Apr 18, 2015 (Review)

A Conversation With Xavier Briggs, Washington University Political Review, Mar 17, 2015 (Interview)

The Changing Role of War Zone Journalists, Washington University Political Review, Sept 23, 2014 (Editorial)

One City, Two Worlds: Why Michael Brown's Death Was the Final StrawWashington University Political Review, Aug 23, 2014 (Editorial)
(Republished on WashU Voices: Ferguson and Beyond.)

Beyond the Numbers: The Challenges of Low Income Students at Wealthy SchoolsWashington University Political Review, Mar 16, 2014 (Editorial)
(Awarded "Article of the Year" by the Political Review.)